Leather Photography Portfolios

Family, it’s the unbreakable chain, a link to the past,and bridge to the future. Each Family is unique, has a story to tell, and countless memories to share.

We’ve come a long way from days when we had nothing more than the colorful tales told at family dinners and evening gatherings, or the  generations of family births and deaths recorded in a single, treasured Family Bible to preserve our otherwise forgotten family histories.

Although the times and the ways with which we share our past with subsequent generations may have changed, the importance with which we regard those who came before us and all of their achievements hasn’t. We’d love to help you to create a permanent family keepsake to convey the important things to future generations while reflecting a character which belongs only to your own family.

All Powell Leather Photo Albums are handcrafted from the highest quality materials available. Each leather panel is carefully hand selected and cut to dimension before being bound over a strengthened, moisture resistant core. Every care is taken to assure that each album will be a worthy keepsake, designed to preserve your precious memories for generations to come.

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