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Leather Photography Portfolios


leather photo albums

Once you enter the market for a truly well made leather photography album or leather portfolio album you will quickly realize that there isn't much out there that isn't a disappointment, and not at all what it's represented to be. We craft all of our products from the best materials available in an effort to craft the highest quality products possible. Our Leather Portfolio Albums, and our large leather photo albums are well known to be the best made albums available today. We'll be happy to discuss whatever your needs may be, and work out an album design that will accommodate your purpose, or current project's needs. Please feel free to give us a call anytime.

Leather presentation portfolios and albums


leather presentation portfolio album

Are you currently in need of a handsome leather binder to represent you products or services to your customers? We can create a personalized leather presentation portfolio crafted from the leathers of your choice with your logo, art work, or other personalization carefully fixed upon the cover leather. We craft beautiful custom presentation portfolios for any purpose, designed to reflect the personality of your business.  Every custom leather portfolio that leaves our doors is crafted to our customers specifications, with an aim to serve whatever their particular purpose may require. Your custom leather portfolio may be assembled as an 8.5 X 11 photo portfolio, or a 12 x 12 leather album. We can integrate whatever type of pages that you like in your book. Optional document flaps may be added for contracts or printed sales material, a pen loop, or whatever you may find necessary to accomplish your sales goals. Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss the possibilites for your personalized leather presentation portfolio, and give your sales team an elegant edge above the competition.

Custom military photo albums and guestbooks.

military guest books and photo albumsIf you are on the lookout for an exceptionally crafted military leather photo album or leather guest book we've got you covered. Powell Leather is the premier choice for Army photo albums, Air Force photo albums, Coast Guard photo albums, Marine photo albums, and Navy photo albums. We handcraft beautiful custom military photo albums and guest books for all branches of the military, and would be pleased to discuss any design that you may have in mind for your book. Your  seal, emblem, or  any artwork that you like may be carefully fixed upon the cover leather in order to accommodate your purpose for the personalized book. If you are in need of a guestbook for a specific application, one may be crafted with a customized page layout to perform whatever task that may be necessary. Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss how we might custom craft a military guestbook or photo album for you.

Personalized Letter Pad Portfolios

Leather Pad Portfolios
We want to hear you say that this is the best leather pad portfolio that you've ever had.... even 20 years from now! No matter whether it's in a professional setting, or simply a trip to the coffee shop to get a little work done, the handsome Powell Leather letter pad portfolio makes an impressive statement. We use only the the finest materials available to handcraft our leather pad portfolios to a standard above that of all others available on the market today. You may choose the leather and finish from which we will assemble your leather padfolio, and decide which options you might prefer for us to integrate into your own personal design. The cover leather of your portfollio may be personalized with any design upon the cover leather. We employ several techniques to reproduce the artwork that is provided to us by our customers, so it's always a good idea to give us a call to discuss what it is that you've got in mind for yours to determine which method will be best for you. Please feel free to give us a call anytime, and we'll be pleased to discuss how we might craft a leather business portfolio for you.

Museum Guest Books

museum gallery guestbookAre you in need of a beautiful leather guest book appropriate for a museum setting? Powell Leather has created leather guest books for museums of all sorts. We'll be pleased to help you to create a personalized leather guest register with your own logo or design fixed upon its cover leather. Your pages may be personalized to retrieve the information that is important to you from your visitors. Our custom guest book pages may also be adorned with whatever image that you provide us lightly watermarked behind the lines of the pages of your design layout.  Guest book refills are available from us anytime, and just a phone call away. All Powell Leather products are crafted from the highest quality materials available and are designed to offer a lifetime of faithful service. Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss how we might create a beautiful leather guest book for your museum or gallery.

Leather Wine Totes


Leather Wine Tote


What is a wine lover's best friend? Our beautiful leather wine totes of course! We craft personalized leather wine totes from the finest materials available to offer years and years of faithful service. Insulated with 1/2" wetsuit neoprene, and covered with Spanish Shrunken Shoulder Leather, these handsome wine totes are crafted to the highest standards, and will quickly become a favorite companion for romantic outings. Carry a favorite vintage, elegant wine glasses, and a waiters corkscrew with you in the perfect wine accessory! Chilled wines will be kept cool for up to 4 hours, and bottles and glasses will be protected from shock or unexpected fumbles by the dense closed cell neoprene inner lining material.  In additon, the leather tote has a shoulder strap making it an extremely comfortable accessory to wear on a date or a picnic. The PortAmore' wine tote may be constructed from in whichever color and finish that you choose from our selection. We will be pleased to personalize the wine tote with your initals, logo, or the artwork of your choice. Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss how we might craft a custom wine tote for you.

personalized wine bag

Adding or Removing Guest Book and Photo Album Pages

installing refill pages

Adding or removing pages to, or from,  your Powell Leather photo album or guest book is  really quite easy if you follow these simple instructions. The same steps will be used for top loading photo pages and the custom guest book pages.


First, locate the calf leather binding bars within the book. These are the two leather flaps located on either side of the spine of the book. You'll notice that the bars have been stitched down at the top and bottom. Slide a fingernail under the center of the outer vertical edge of the binding  bar, and it should easily lift to reveal the screw posts, or the binding holes if your album is empty. Remove the screws using a screw driver ( if your album has pages installed ).


To install or replace the pages you'll need to locate the appropriate holes  in the binding bars for your pages. To do this hold one of your pages against the binding bars and verify which holes match your page. Next prepare the screw posts. Screw post extensions are included in new album only for installation purposes, THEY ARE NOT INTENDED TO BE LEFT IN THE BOOK. Add the extensions to the female side of the screw post TO BE USED ONLY AS A GUIDE IN THE INSTALLATION PROCESS. Insert the female posts/extensions into each of the binding bars. Add your pages over the screw posts paying close attention that the front side of the pages are facing the front of the book ( also that the open edge of the photo pages are at the top ). Turn the book so that it is open with the cover against your body, and guide the second binding bar over the screw posts. If the book is new you may need to massage the spine between your thumb and index finger in order to soften the leather. They're usually quite firm before pages are installed, this is normal. The books are intended to be firm. Place your thumb aside the center post and press firmly. Unscrew the extension, and replace it with the male screw. Repeat this step with the following two holes. That's it! Please feel free to give us a call anytime if you are having a difficult time installing your pages.

Refillable Leather Guest Books

Personalized leather guest bookIf you are seeking a beautiful leather bound guest book for a hunting lodge, club house, or vacation cabin you may want to consider a Powell Leather personalized guest book. Our custom made guest books may be found in hunting lodges, vacation homes, museums, businesses, resorts, hotels, and bed and breakfasts across the globe. Our guest books are refillable, and may be personalized down to the pages to reflect the personality of your establishment. Your logo or artwork may be fixed upon the cover leather, and we will work with you to develop a page layout to collect the information that you want from your visitors. Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss how we might personalize one of our leather guest registers for your purpose.

Guest Books for Yachts

personalized yacht guest booksIt's difficult to find the right guestbook, but if what you are looking for is a beautiful guestbook for a yacht you've come to the right place. We handcraft beautiful personalized leather guestbooks for any purpose, and make the necessary adaptations to accommodate the particular circumstances for each individual order. Yacht owners usually seek a book that will reflect the character of their boat. In most cases the leather choice, a personalized custom guestbook page design, and the cover art of the book together are more than enough to create a guest book that people will be talking about. We've added another attractive feature to our list of options that our customers have been very satisfied with for their books. Rather than using paper guest pages, which some prefer, you have the option to include top loading photo pages in the book. The paper, which is a 12" x 12" heavy white card stock, can be printed with your custom guest book page design. It may be removed from the sleeve to be signed when guests arrive aboard, or depart from, your yacht, then replaced within guest book. This option helps to protect your guest signatures and remarks from the environment, while offering the possibility to include photos wherever you like. A photo guestbook is a great way to bring your signature lines to life. Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss how we might craft a custom leather yacht guestbook for you. Also, please browse our website to view some of our other great products like our personalized photo albums, personalized retirement portfolios, personalized hunting albums, personalized leather letter pad portfolios, and leather wine totes.

Personalized Leather Presentation Portfolios

personalized leather portfolioOur personalized leather presentation portfolios are the perfect accessory to demonstrate your products or services to your customers? Each leather presentation albums may be crafted from the leather color and finish of your choice. Optional document flaps, pen holders, and business card pockets may be added according to your preferences. If you would like you name, monogram, or a logo on the cover of your book, we employ several different methods to personalize our books. It's important to send us your art when ordering so that we may determine the method that will be most appropriate for your book because different leathers, and the level of detail required to reproduce your art, call for different methods. Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss your ideas for your personalized leather presentation portfolio and we'll be glad to help you. Please feel free to browse our website to view other leather photo albums, leather journals, leather guestbooks, and leather photo envelopes.

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