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Guest Books for Yachts

personalized yacht guest booksIt's difficult to find the right guestbook, but if what you are looking for is a beautiful guestbook for a yacht you've come to the right place. We handcraft beautiful personalized leather guestbooks for any purpose, and make the necessary adaptations to accommodate the particular circumstances for each individual order. Yacht owners usually seek a book that will reflect the character of their boat. In most cases the leather choice, a personalized custom guestbook page design, and the cover art of the book together are more than enough to create a guest book that people will be talking about. We've added another attractive feature to our list of options that our customers have been very satisfied with for their books. Rather than using paper guest pages, which some prefer, you have the option to include top loading photo pages in the book. The paper, which is a 12" x 12" heavy white card stock, can be printed with your custom guest book page design. It may be removed from the sleeve to be signed when guests arrive aboard, or depart from, your yacht, then replaced within guest book. This option helps to protect your guest signatures and remarks from the environment, while offering the possibility to include photos wherever you like. A photo guestbook is a great way to bring your signature lines to life. Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss how we might craft a custom leather yacht guestbook for you. Also, please browse our website to view some of our other great products like our personalized photo albums, personalized retirement portfolios, personalized hunting albums, personalized leather letter pad portfolios, and leather wine totes.

Personalized Leather Presentation Portfolios

personalized leather portfolioOur personalized leather presentation portfolios are the perfect accessory to demonstrate your products or services to your customers? Each leather presentation albums may be crafted from the leather color and finish of your choice. Optional document flaps, pen holders, and business card pockets may be added according to your preferences. If you would like you name, monogram, or a logo on the cover of your book, we employ several different methods to personalize our books. It's important to send us your art when ordering so that we may determine the method that will be most appropriate for your book because different leathers, and the level of detail required to reproduce your art, call for different methods. Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss your ideas for your personalized leather presentation portfolio and we'll be glad to help you. Please feel free to browse our website to view other leather photo albums, leather journals, leather guestbooks, and leather photo envelopes.

Leather Hunting Photo Album


Hunting Journal Photo Albums resized 600


All of us enjoy preserving our our favorite hunting memories, and for each of us they're different. Whether you're in need of an African Safari photo album, an exotic hunting photo album, a big game hunting photo album, a deer, moose, or elk hunting photo album, or a custom hunting journal for your ranch, we will be pleased to craft an album that you will enjoy for  years to come. Whatever your game, we will create a custom hunting photo album that will reflect the personality of your adventures. Your album may be personalized with whatever art that you like fixed upon the cover leather, and the pages may be customized as well. All of our products are handcrafted from the finest materials available to your specifications. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss whatever it is that you may have in mind for your custom leather album.

Custom and Personalized Leather Portfolios, Albums, and Guest Books


leather photo albums, portfolios, and guestbooks

Are you looking for an engraved leather photo album, embossed leather portfolio, or a personalized leather guest book? We specialize in crafting custom leather products from the highest quality materials available. Each Powell Leather product is crafted on a per customer basis in the color and finish of your choice. Your order may be personalized with the art of your choice fixed upon the cover. If a custom leather guestbook is what you've got in mind, we can create a personalized guestbook page layout to compliment the style of your book. Please feel free to browse our website to discover how a Powell Leather product might be crafted that is right for you.

Leather 4X6 Photo Albums

4x6 leather photo albumIf you are looking for a great way to preserve your 4x6 photos you may want to consider our leather 4x6 photo album. Although 4 X 6 photos may be mounted in any of our books, this album is a practical choice if you're not in the market for a large leather photo album. Its pages are set up in a 2-Up 4x6 horizontal orientation, and load very easily. Like all of our products, the 4X6 Two Up leather photo album may be personalized in any way that you like, and it may be assembled from any combination of the leathers that you like. Give us a call anytime to discuss how we might create a personalized 4x6 leather photo album for you. Please feel free to browse our selection of custom leather portfolio albums, large leather photo albums, and other beautiful leather products.

Safari Photo Album

Safari Hunting Photo AlbumIf you are returning from an African Safari you'll quickly begin to wonder what you're ever going to do with the countless one of a kind photos that you've captured. Look no further, we build beautiful custom safari photo albums for our customers on a regular basis. Your personalized leather safari album may be custom crafted to accommodate whatever design that you may have in mind. We'll be pleased to help you develop a design that will reflect the highlights of your Safari so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Please feel free to call us anytime to discuss how we might craft an African Safari photo album for you.

Personalized Leather Retirement Portfolio

retirement gift albumIt's always difficult to find an apprtopriate going away gift for an executive or colleague who has been an important part of your team. Our 8.5 x 11 professional presentation portfolio makes the perfect gift for such an occassion. Your leather retirement portfolio will be crafted from the leathers of your choice, and personalized with any name, or company logo that you wish upon the cover leather. The pages are top loading 8.5 x 11 sleeves with  heavy black card stock inserts. We regularly receive requests to build personalized portfolios which will be filled with items like letters from co-workers, newspaper clippings, or other nostalgic items which might be associated with persons tenure with an organization or company. We are always willing to work with you to help develop exactly whatever it is that you may have in mind for your order. Please feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss how we might craft a Powell Leather Professional Presentation Portfolio for you.

Museum and Gallery Guest Books

Personalized Museum Guest BookAre you searching for a handsome leather guest book for a museum or gallery? Powell Leather guest books are the premiere choice for museums across the country. We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind, personalized custom leather guest books and portfolio albums. We will be happy to work with you to develop a design which reflects the personality of your establishment. Crafted from the leathers of your choice, our custom leather guest registers can be tailored to accommodate your specific requirements. The art, logo, or wording of your choice may be fixed upon the cover leather, and we will design custom guest book pages to suit your needs. Our personalized leather books are refillable, and custom refill pages are available upon request. Customers from all over the globe have chosen Powell Leather custom guest books to welcome their visitors, and we hope that you will choose one of our books as well. Please feel free to call anytime to discuss how we might craft a personalized museum guest book, or custom gallery guest book for you! Please feel free to browse our website to view other great products that we offer like custom and personalized leather photo albums, personalized leather professional presentation portfolios,

Personalized Leather Photo Albums

personalized custom photo albumsAre you looking for a special gift for someone. You may be interested in one of our leather custom photo albums, which may be personalized, and crafted to your specifications. We craft beautiful personalized leather photo portfolios for our customers to accommodate most any need. We'll be pleased to discuss whatever it is that you may have in mind for your leather photo portfolio, then create Photoshop mock up images to help you to develop a suitable design. Once we've created a design that meets your approval, your art will be carefully fixed upon the cover leather of your personalized leather portfolio. All Powell Leather products are assembled from the highest quality materials available, and are assembled with durability and aesthetic appeal in mind.  We specialize in hunting photo albums, vacation photo albums, custom modeling portfolios, golfer's photo albums, personalized leather guest books, Safari photo albums, personalized military photo albums, and custom leather presentaion portfolios.  Please feel free to contact us any time to discuss how we might create a custom leather album to satisfy whatever your need may be!

Leather Hunting Camp Guest Book



        If you're an avid hunter, or maintain a hunters lodge you may be looking for a leather guestbook that fits the bill. We've been crafting the highest quality custom leather lodge guestbooks, hunter's cabin guest books, and personalized leather hunting photo albums available for years. We'd be pleased to talk to you about whatever it is that you may have in mind to create a custom leather guest book that will be appropriate to meet your needs. All of our leather books may be crafted with your art, ranch brand, logo, or whatever you like carefully fixed upon the cover leather. Custom guestbook pages are available with whatever title, headers, and general layout that your application may require. Any sort of graphic image that you like may be lightly watermarked behind the lines of your personalized guest book pages to create the character that you have in mind for your particular leather guest register. Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss a design that might be appropriate for you. We'll be pleased to help you to develop whatever design concept that you may have in mind.

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